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SEO Consulting

Brisbane SEO’s Search Engine Optimisation Consulting Services Include:

Keyword Strategy

In depth keyword selection is the basis of any successful search engine optimisation effort. Selecting the wrong keyword search terms and phrases can have a negative impact on your business’ online presence. An inferior search volume or poor conversion rates will generally end with the same result: NO CUSTOMERS!

Our SEO packages include:

  • We run analytical inquiries to understand the level of search traffic and only incorporate terms that have a valuable search volume.
  • The opportunity for conversion is assessed based on the level of Internet visitors. Our aim is to get your business quality, not just quantity traffic.
  • We calculate the competitiveness of the keywords to be included. The competitive nature of your keyword terms helps us to calculate which on- page and off- page strategies will be necessary to get your business the best possible results.

On-page Optimisation

On-page search engine optimisation includes all of the changes that are necessary to enable your site to rank highly for the search terms identified in the Keyword Strategy stage of your online marketing campaign.

  • Can your website be renovated with updated content, or does a new site need to be constructed?
  • What obstacles prevent search engine robots from crawling and indexing your site, and how can these impairments be remedied?
  • What content needs to be developed and optimised? How should existing components of your website be tweaked?

Our On-Page Strategy will answer all of these queries, and indicate specific recommendations for improvement.

Content Development and Brand Awareness

Following the selection of targeted keywords as the foundation of your online optimisation campaign, it is vital to have the required content in an effort to be competitive for those search terms. The content that visitors come to your website for should be unique and interesting enough to distinguish itself from the millions of other websites out there that make up the Internet. Quality, relevant content is one of the most important and effective methods in attracting dependable links from other websites, and also in acquiring superior search engine results.

When completed accurately, content is not only distinguishing, but can also establish the author as an authority figure in his or her chosen field. Being regarded as an expert has many unique advantages and benefits, including the generation of many more sales prospects associated with appropriate links. Potential customers are also more likely to consider the information being presented by the sites of specialist sites.

Content Management System Assessment

Your Content Management System (CMS) should be both search engine and user friendly to ensure the success of your search engine optimisation campaign. Both visitors to your site and the search engine crawlers should be able to navigate your website with ease and in the most effective manner possible. When evaluating your content management system it is important to consider the following:

  • Does it use compulsory cookies or session ids?
  • Does it permit the use of unique HTML titles and meta tags?
  • Is the navigation search engine and user friendly?

The Content Management System evaluation administered by Brisbane SEO will answer these questions and deliver suggestions and alternative options where possible, to improve the success of your online business.

Off-Page Optimisation

Search engines evaluate quality, relevant links from related websites as extremely valuable in their ability to enhance site popularity. Links can also be an excellent tool in directing appropriate traffic straight to your web site.

The Off-Page strategy employed by Brisbane SEO is responsible for obtaining appropriate links from relevant web sites to increase rankings in not only the short term but also the long term. The proven techniques employed by Brisbane SEO include:

  • Article submission
  • The creation of a brand awareness
  • RSS feeds
  • Updateable Blogs
  • Directory links
  • and much more

Brisbane SEO has established a variety of ethical tactics for Off-Page optimisation, designed and developed to simultaneously direct quality traffic directly to your website whilst also improving your business’ standing in the search engines. Contact the Search Engine Optimisation Experts at Brisbane SEO today to find out how we can improve your organisation!

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