A lot of people have a lot to say about SEO but one must know what Google says about SEO since Google is the search engine in whose search results you are striving to increase your ranking. Hiring SEO services can be a difficult task since they can with their irresponsible approach, ruin the reputation of your website. Therefore, it is important to know what advice Google has to offer.


Google’s search result includes only organic results and requires no payment. Paid advertisement is a different field and does nothing to change your rank in the search results.

Google advice

It is better to hire SEO services from the very beginning especially when you are considering site redesigning or launching a new site. This way your site will be designed in SEO-friendly way from the very beginning. Beware of unethical SEOs because their wrong tactics can cause Google to remove your website from their search index.

  • Stay away from SEOs that advertise themselves or send messages out of the blue
  • There is no guarantee of getting the first rank in Google search list- If any company claims that it has special connections with Google and can guarantee you the first rank then the company is deceiving.
  • Secretive company- If the SEO is not revealing its strategy then stay away from it because it might use unfair means.
  • Do your homework- Before hiring an SEO research about it and choose wisely.

SEO can be done in a number of ways but Google suggests the following:

  • Give information: Make your website informative and fun. It should be rich and the same time extremely accurate. Give the visitor what he or she is looking and be assured more will come looking for your site. The better your web content is the more webmasters will link to your site. Do include keywords that way it is easier for people to find your website.
  • Links with other sites: As other sites get linked to yours it becomes easier for crawlers to find your website. Moreover, this will surely increase your ranking. The fact that other sites are getting linked to yours would mean that your web content is helpful which in turn would mean it is helpful for everyone. Remember only natural links helps in indexing and ranking.
  • Easily accessible: Your site should have a logical link structure. Each page must be accessible from at least one static link. Examine your site thoroughly.


  • Don’t use strings of keywords
  • Don’t feel compelled to engage an SEO service
  • Don’t use images to display relevant or important information- Crawlers don’t understand images.

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