Best and Most Effectual SEO Plug-in for WordPress 2014



WordPress is a platform, which enables its users to effectively optimize their websites so as to boost their rakings in search engine results. As SEO is vital to stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition, WordPress comes as a boon to optimizers. Another benefit of WordPress is that its simplistic nature & interface enables even beginners to try their hands at SEO which otherwise is a very taxing activity. Apart from the basic “out-of-the-box” WordPress, there are several plug-ins available in the market as well which further improve the functionality of WordPress. WordPress SEO by Yoast can easily be considered as one of the best plug-ins available to users. Its unique features & wide range of SEO services have been discussed below: -

  • Content Quality & Management: – Using a tool known as the “Snippet Preview”, optimizers can get a rendered version of their website before it is actually launched. This enables him/her to identify areas, which can be further improved such as the page Title, quality, Meta description etc.
  • Page Analysis: – The Linkdex Page Analysis is a useful tool provided by the WordPress SEO plug-in & it allows users to go into the depth of the website’s content with the view of improving it further. It helps users to further categorize pages, expand posts, use effective keywords in the meta descriptions, add tags to posted images & essentially making the website SEO friendly.
  • XML Sitemaps: – One of the best features of WordPress SEO is the uniqueness of the sitemaps it provides. It automatically creates them & notifies well known search engines such as Google & Bing. Sitemaps include links to the images posted as well further improving the website’s visibility. They are versatile in nature, compatible on multiple platforms & are understandable to average users as well.
  • RSS Optimization: - This plug-in further allows optimizers to include links to other articles stating them as original so as to make the website seem trustworthy & improve its ranking.
  • Import functionality: - Preferences from earlier used plug-ins can be imported to WordPress SEO improving its versatility, usefulness & functionality. The interface is well organised to include foreign preferences & thus an optimizer thus not have to sacrifice any preferences.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, WordPress SEO also offers tweaks in the areas of keyword management, link building which are appealing to hard-core optimizers & help users travel the extra mile. For more information feel free to contact SEO Company in Brisbane by visiting

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