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Video SEO

On an average, every person spends less than 4 seconds on a website, which is not enough. But the same person doesn’t mind giving a minute or two to a video and a lot can be achieved during that attention span. Therefore, video has become a powerful tool. But most of the people don’t know how to use this to their benefit. Just making a good video is not enough. One must also try to reach a large audience with the video. And here comes Video SEO and SEO services into play.


The best thing about video is that people like watching them and pay attention to them whereas, they simply avoid checking out websites and when they do check it they don’t pay attention to it. Also optimizing a video is easier than SEO. Every minute hour of videos is being uploaded in Youtube and it is only natural that these videos should appear within the first two pages of Google. But Video SEO should be done in such a way so that when it appears in the search result it should direct the traffic to your site and not to the video hosting provider.


With the number of videos that are being uploaded every minute, it again gets difficult to grab the attention of people because there are so many options to choose from. Therefore, people need tips to ensure that their videos are watched more frequently.

  • Content: Like everything else content is always important. The better the content is the more visitors you get. It should be fun, interesting and informative, something people will not mind watching for a minute or two. The more people like or share the video the better it is for you.
  • Keywords: Pay attention to keywords and use them whenever you can. Use them in tags, descriptions or even transcripts because they help in VSEO to a large extent.
  • Youtube: Youtube is the second largest search engine and therefore it is only logical to choose it to host your video. In case you decide to embed it in your website make sure its content is of high quality and it should support the video completely. Take special care to ensure relevance.
  • Sitemaps: Create and submit a Sitemap so that the search engine can index and direct the traffic to your website rather than to Youtube.
  • org markup: Schema can add to your video SEO.

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