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Google Webmaster Tools

The moment you hear about SEO services, Google Webmaster Tools immediately comes to your mind. Google Webmaster Tools is a free web service provided by Google to the webmasters so that they can check their indexing status. It also allows them to optimize their site and to check and submit a Sitemap. What Google Webmaster does is that it shows you your website the way Google sees it, thus allowing you to form strategic campaigns for the SEO of your website.

Getting started

To get started with Google Webmaster Tools all you need to do is verify that you are the owner of the site. This process gets easier if you use Google Analytics or are hosted by an approved provider. Once verified you can just log in and start with your work.


Like everything else using Google Webmaster get easier and more effective if you have a few tricks up your sleeves.

  • Search Queries: Search Queries does a lot of things; it not only shows you the current and average keyword ranking, it also shows you the CTR and organic search impressions of any keyword. You can then use this to track your progress. If the keyword that you have chosen is not working then you can concentrate on some other keyword.
  • Traffic patterns: Google Webmaster not only shows you the rank of your website in general it also shows you how each and every page including blog posts has been ranked. Through this, you get to know about the ranking of each content and the CTR of every page. You can now use this information and alter your webpage to increase its ranking by concentrating on things that are more highly ranked and by altering the content of those pages that have not been ranked that well.
  • Keyword Insights: You can use Google Webmaster to know which keywords are more important and then you can incorporate them into other pages for better ranking.
  • Authorship Statistics: Google Webmasters gives you the stats of every article that you have authored anywhere. This way you will know which articles of yours have been more successful and you can use that data to increase your ranking.
  • Site Speed Metrics: Ranking in Google’s search result is to a large extent depended on your site speed. Google Webmaster allows you to check the site speed of your website.

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